Stairway to heaven

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The Grote of Sint Laurens Church in Alkmaar exists 500 years in 2018 and that is celebrated with beautiful activities. A literal climax was the event Stairway to heaven, which you could visit from 1 May to 8 October 2018: a climb to a balcony at 20 meters high, then through a window in the church, where you could get The Last Judgment behold, a magnificent vault painting by Jacob van Oostsanen. Then you could climb to the roof of the church at a height of 40 meters and enjoy the view over the city & country.

Unfortunately: Stairway to heaven ended after 8 October 2018.

Are you looking for information about Stairway to heaven? See our contact info at the bottom of this site.

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Thank you volunteers!

One thing is certain: without the incredible dedication of volunteers (ca 450) 'Stairway to heaven' was not possible. The Volunteer Central Region of Alkmaar (VCRA) has proved to be a fantastic partner to coordinate the volunteers' commitment to this project. The pleasure that the volunteers showed formed an inspiring example of hospitality for the city of Alkmaar.

Vrijwilligers Centrale Alkmaar


Unique and special initiatives such as Stairway to Heaven give an enormous dynamic to the city of Alkmaar, and that is good for everyone. We thank all sponsors and funds for their support of this special event!


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