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The great church or ‘Grote kerk’ is 500 years old. To celebrate, we have created a stairway so you can finally admire the view enjoyed from the church at a height of 40 meters. This is as close as you will get to heaven in Alkmaar. You can also enter the church through a window, where adorning the vaulted ceiling you will find the magnificent painting The Last Judgement by the renowned painter Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen.

Note: buy a combi-ticket! For only 7,50 euro extra you can also go to the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar + the altarpiece by Maarten van Heemskerck in the Grote Kerk. These two extra tickets are valid until October 2018. Only available by online ordering! The Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar and the Grote Kerk are closed on Mondays; Stairway to heaven is open 7 days a week.

Be sure to visit and buy your tickets via this website!

De Klim is open until 8 October 2018!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I easily get to Climb to Heaven?

    We advise you to come by train or bus. From the railway station you can walk to the Grote Kerk in barely a quarter of an hour, which is also the heart of the city.

  • Where can I park?

    You can park in various places in and around the city center. For more information is available on the Parkeerservice Alkmaar website.

  • Can I pay with cash at the cash desk?

    You can only pay for tickets at the box office by debit card. Even better you buy your tickets in advance via this website, because then you are guaranteed a ticket and you are not disappointed when the tickets are sold out.

Volunteers make the climb possible

Without help from volunteers, 'Stairway to heaven' is not possible. Vrijwilligers Centrale Regio Alkmaar (VCRA) is our partner to coordinate the efforts of the volunteers for this project. In total, nearly 800 volunteers are involved. Do you want to give the necessary respect for these volunteers? Want to know more about VCRA? Look at

Vrijwilligers Centrale Alkmaar


Unique and special initiatives such as Stairway to Heaven give an enormous dynamic to the city of Alkmaar, and that is good for everyone. Would you like to know more about sponsoring?
Contact Ron Huiberts: m 00 31 6 46 02 48 87.


For comments, questions or requests:

> General: info@klimnaardehemel.nl
> Urgent or important: 06 41 19 85 97

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Want to organize something on the Climb?
Mirella Doss: m 06 16 96 76 97

Rob Marijn: m 06 40 53 09 90

Ron Huiberts: m 06 46 02 48 87


Stichting Top Events Regio Alkmaar (STERA)
Voorzitter: Gijs Schot
Verdistraat 30,
1817 JE Alkmaar

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